Vicars of St Ives Church Leadgate

This will be updated as more information and pictures become available

First pictures above are of a “role of honour” that hangs in the church- taken on mobile so light effected

A FOND FAREWELL to David Cleugh
On 25th September, 2017 the village said a fond farewell to its very popular vicar, Father David CLEUGH, who, together with his wife, Hannah, have moved to pastures new, namely Cambridge.  Father David has become vicar of Fordham, Isleham, Chippenham, Kennet and Snailwell, whilst Hannah has become Chaplain to the Bishop of Ely.  On the morning of Friday 20th October, 2017, several members of St. Ives’ Church went down to Cambridge to attend the investiture of Father David which took place later that night and to attend the investiture of Hannah, which took place on the morning of Saturday, 21st October.
In his leaving speech, Father David said one the main reasons he accepted the appointment of vicar of St. Ives was because of the toilets – they have lovely toilet paper and scented soap.  The picture on the left shows Father David and the Bishop of Durham cutting the cake at the 150th anniversary of the consecration of St. Ives’ Church.  Father David will be greatly missed by everyone and I am sure we all wish him well in his new parish.
Shared from the October 2017 Leadgate Village Newsletter




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