Norman Baker

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Here is a Family Tree Blog post about Norman

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That’s Nothing Compared to Passchendaele Shared by Agreement of Jonathan Vernon

Came across this when doing some research on Leadgate and the World Wars. Whilst Leadgate is not directly mentioned in the material I have read so this has been a well put together site/blog. Hopefully some will find it of interest

I commented and Jonathan Vernon  has kindly agreed for me to share he is also about to provide 3 hours of interviews to be held in the archive at the Imperial War Museum

Hi I live in Leadgate just outside Consett What a great blog would you be pj for me to share it.of course accreditng you

Yes, do. My grandfather would love that. By the way, the 3 hours of interviews I did with them are going to the Imperial War Museum on Tuesday. They’ve been after them since 1995! Also his photographs. This means they will be available for many decades to everyone who researches the period.

This the link to the post I first came across

The overall site/blog can be found on this link

Thank you Jonathan and hope many will enjoy looking through and reading



Vicars of St Ives Church Leadgate

This will be updated as more information and pictures become available

First pictures above are of a “role of honour” that hangs in the church- taken on mobile so light effected

A FOND FAREWELL to David Cleugh
On 25th September, 2017 the village said a fond farewell to its very popular vicar, Father David CLEUGH, who, together with his wife, Hannah, have moved to pastures new, namely Cambridge.  Father David has become vicar of Fordham, Isleham, Chippenham, Kennet and Snailwell, whilst Hannah has become Chaplain to the Bishop of Ely.  On the morning of Friday 20th October, 2017, several members of St. Ives’ Church went down to Cambridge to attend the investiture of Father David which took place later that night and to attend the investiture of Hannah, which took place on the morning of Saturday, 21st October.
In his leaving speech, Father David said one the main reasons he accepted the appointment of vicar of St. Ives was because of the toilets – they have lovely toilet paper and scented soap.  The picture on the left shows Father David and the Bishop of Durham cutting the cake at the 150th anniversary of the consecration of St. Ives’ Church.  Father David will be greatly missed by everyone and I am sure we all wish him well in his new parish.
Shared from the October 2017 Leadgate Village Newsletter



Archive of All Things Leadgate

What to call it will need to be refined

The basics are that I am looking to work with all individuals. groups and orgamnisations to cherish the history of Leadgate both on line and off line

Some items like books, some pictures have already been kindly donated

The aim is to eventally find a permanent “home” to display the Archive

There is no commerical aim and if any funds are raised from sales of duplicates etc these will be added to the funds of the Leadgate Task Force to support community projects

Please do get in touch if you have any pictures, or items you might consider donating

In the meantime items will be displayed at events

Be great to have it grow for us to enjoy now and also as a legacy to be enjoyed by future generations


Leadgate Spartans Jazz Band

Leadgate Spartans Jazz Band

A blog post about the band which will be added to as more information, pictures etc are shared

The first picure is from a Chronicle Article on Jazz Bands in the North East

The Leadgate Spartans Juvenile Jazz Band, who were placed third at Seaton Sluice Carnival in 1989

From Chronicle article on Jazz Bands…/picture-golden-age-north-e…


Carl Southern on his website which he uses to help raise money for Willow Burn Hospice video of images

He also has kindly donated a uniform for the Archive of all thinsg Leadgate

Hope all will enjoy this Blog Post and please get in contact if you have any pictures you are happy to share/add and of course any memories/stories

Also there is a Facebook Group please do feel free to join

Thanks to Terry Richardson for agreeing to share this picture -World championship Derby 1986


Benny Craig Leadgate Born Footballer

Had a lovely chat and listen to Betty Marley and Watts Stelling talking about a Leadgate born man who went onto play for Huddersfield Town and Newcastle
Benny was born 6th December 1915 and died on 20th January 1982
Betty spoke about many memories
Including a tale about playing at Wembley and famlly leaving by train from Leadgate to go and watch him
Bringing home the signed match ball too
Article in the Chronicle
More will be added with more reseach and hopefully more chats with Betty and others
1938/50 B.Craig 67/0 0
Benjamin signed from Huddersfield for £4,000 and stayed at Newcastle until his death in 1982. A right-back, he retired in 1950 and became youth coach then physio. Coached the Youth Cup winning side of 1962. 
Above is from the above site listing Newcastle players..wonders who were in that Youth Cup team??
Picture below was added by Arnold Parkin to Consett and District Heritage Facebook group in 2015
Comments suggest Ben is one of people in the Front row-possible issue as he would have been 32 as pic has a ball with 1947 on it!!

Latest bit of  research